Ballet Starter Kit

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The Ballet Starter Kit includes:

  • Pink Sleeveless leotard
  • Pink skirt
  • Ballet shoes
  • Anklets

Ballet Shoe sizes

Well-fitting Teplov ballet shoes are locally made from leather. Shoe elastic is included in your purchase. Ballet shoes are available in a range of sizes and 2 widths, narrow or normal. Please refer to the size chart for sizing details.

Demi Pointe Shoe lengths - Teplov

Children's sizes Length in mm Adult Sizes Length in mm
7 142mm 1 205mm
7,5 148mm 1,5 210mm
8 153mm 2 213mm
8,5 158mm 2,5 215mm
9 161mm 3 220mm
9,5 165mm 3,5 223mm
10 172mm 4 227mm
10,5 175mm 4,5 230mm
11 180mm 5 237mm
11,5 185mm 5,5 240mm
12 187mm 6 245mm
12,5 190mm 6,5 250mm
13 195mm 7 255mm
13,5 200mm 7,5 260mm

How to measure your foot length:

Trace the foot onto a piece of paper as closely as possible. Draw a line from the big toe to the heel, measure in mm and compare to the chart.