Dancers need garments that fit well and are comfortable to move in, but that also reflect their individual style. Ballet Basics supplies a full range of dancewear to suit all needs and budgets. It is always best to make an appointment to pop in and try the garment on to ensure the best fit.

Leotards come in a range of styles and colours and can be custom made to your preference with matching skirts if required. Unitards are made up on order to suit the personal style of the dancer.

The range of dance pants stocked is wide and includes hot pants, jazz pants with 3 variations: straight waist, roll top and V bell styles made from top quality cotton lycra as well as hip hop pants made from quantec.

Wrap tops come in 2 different styles and tracksuits are available to studios as well as individuals and are made of cotton based fabric which allows for movement, comfort and warmth. Ballet Basics also works directly with studios around the country supplying their requirements. Tracksuits and dance tops are popular items with studio logos embroidered or screen printed on. 

A wide range of footwear is available and ballet shoes need to be fitted to ensure comfort as well as room for growth if you are a young dancer. 

Tights are available in footed as well as footless in the following shades, pink, black, honey and white, not to mention the wide array of dance and hair accessories available.